School is stressing me out, and I’m feeling very pressured to do well. I’m overwhelmed. What are some things I can do to feel better?


When we talk about stress, it is important to recognize and remember that everyone experiences it, and it is not a bad thing. We all need stress in order to function – that little bit of stress you feel before an exam encourages you to do better, and lets you know you care about doing well. But sometimes this stress can feel like too much. It is important that we develop healthy, effective means to manage our stress. Below are some suggestions to reduce stress in healthy ways. See if you can identify at least two of these that help you when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Creating art: drawing, painting, writing, dancing, singing or playing a musical instrument
Taking a time out or a moment alone
Talking to a friend or loved one
Watching a movie
Calling the Crisis Line: 650-579-0350 or 1-800-SUICIDE
Listening to music
Getting enough sleep
Eating good food
Playing a game
Taking a deep breath
Taking a walk or enjoying nature

These are just some of the ways we can reduce stress in our lives. And not every one of these will work for all of us—it is important that we figure out what works best for us. Because while getting good grades and doing well is important, we can only do this if we are actively making time to take care of ourselves.

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