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How to talk to a safe adult about mental illness

Thinking about talking to an adult about mental illness can feel scary. How will they react? What will they say? However, talking to a safe adult can be an important step in getting support for mental illness.


My friend is going through a tough time. How do I know if they are thinking about suicide?

Mental illness is often met with a lot of stigma, meaning there are a lot of negative associations and judgments people have towards these types of struggles. This can make it very hard for someone suffering from depression or thoughts of suicide to talk about what they are experiencing. While it may be hard for….


My friend is clearly showing some signs of suicide. What do I do now?

As difficult as it can be for someone to talk about their thoughts of suicide, it can be equally difficult to figure out how to help and what to say to someone experiencing these things. If you notice or have a feeling that someone is thinking about suicide, there are many helpful ways you can….


School is stressing me out, and I’m feeling very pressured to do well. I’m overwhelmed. What are some things I can do to feel better?

When we talk about stress, it is important to recognize and remember that everyone experiences it, and it is not a bad thing. We all need stress in order to function – that little bit of stress you feel before an exam encourages you to do better, and lets you know you care about doing…. is a program of the StarVista Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Center in San Mateo County, and is staffed by volunteer high school students from the Bay Area who have been trained to help other teens.