Q: What is LGBTQQ?

A: LGBTQQ (also shortened to LGBT) is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning. Quite a mouthful! To clear some things up, here are some basic defenitions of each of these. Lesbian: a woman who is attracted to other women. Gay: commonly used to refer to men attracted to other men, but can also be used to describe women attracted to other women. Bisexual: someone who is attracted to both sexes. How much they are attracted to either sex may not be entirely equal. Transgender: someone who's gender identity does not fit with their biological sex. An example of this could be a genetically born girl who has the parts of a girl but feels like they should be a boy. Queer: an umbrella term used to encompass all those of the GLBTQQ community. It used to be a negative term but was reclaimed by the community. Now it can be used as something positive. Questioning: this term is used for someone who isn't sure of their sexual orientation or how to label themselves.