Get Involved with the Help@Hand Project

What is the Help@Hand Project?

Help@Hand is a multi-city and multi-county collaborative project whose vision is to improve the well-being of Californians by integrating promising technologies into behavioral health services. What does this mean really? San Mateo County will be partnering with 14 other cities and counties in California to promote the use of wellness apps in order to:

★ Connect transition aged youth (TAY) and older adults to in-person services

★ Reduce stigma associated with mental health issues through education while increasing access to care

★ Improve wellness and recovery outcomes for those who engage with technology

★ Support self-directed recovery efforts to complement existing continuity of care already provided by the county or other providers

The overall goal is for San Mateo County residents to have more access to wellness support services and to understand if apps can be a viable way of increasing access to care. The technology utilized for this project will be available to San Mateo County residents for free. San Mateo County is partnering with the Youth Leadership Institute to reach youth ages 15-25 in the county for this project.

Why focus on Transition Age Youth?

Through a three year community program planning process and stakeholder meetings in 2017, San Mateo County found that TAY face significant barriers to accessing mental health services, including stigma, geographic location, cost, transportation, cultural inaccessibility and linguistic barriers. It is important to the county that youth have access to the resources they need in order to address their mental health concerns and goals.

What Technology will be used and how can I access it?

San Mateo County and the Youth Leadership Institute will be piloting an app early next year. Upon the completion of a successful pilot, the app will be available to all youth throughout the county.  Currently the county is working with the state and other counties to select which app will be available. Check the Youth Leadership Institute website for more information about the project.

How can youth get involved?

Youth who are interested in the project or in accessing wellness apps supported by this project have a number of ways to get involved!

  •  Join the Youth Leadership Institute Help@Hand Steering Committee and become a Tech Ambassador. Find out more information here or contact Adam Wilson (
  • Attend monthly Advisory Committee meetings to learn more about the project’s progress and to give your feedback. The next meeting is October 30th, 4pm at the San Mateo Pride Center.
  • Follow the Youth Leadership website for more app and project updates!

Stipends are available for participation in the YLI Help@Hand Steering Committee and monthly Advisory Committee meetings!

*Please note, this project is currently only able to serve San Mateo county residents.

Reach out to Adam Wilson ( for more information!

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